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Concepts for Godzilla (2014) done here at Weta Workshop.

An absolute dream project for me. Been a huge Godzilla (and Ghidorah) fan for so long that this was kind of surreal-ish and mind boggling to have as my job for a few months. I'd wake up and be all like "welp, better go to work and draw Godzilla all day... What!".
Director Gareth Edwards was really fun to work with and stayed very involved through the whole design process. He really encouraged us to experiment and go way out with some of the designs (much further than we were comfortable with!) even though we were all sure from the start that we wanted to stick closely to the original design. There's a brief, mildly mangled, interview with Andrew Baker, Richard Taylor and myself over here that talks about that a bit:
Andrew Baker really did the hard work on what you actually see in the film, make sure to check out his stuff!

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