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Kosmik Kustoms

I drew the first of these space themed, 60s style hotrods back in early 2007. A mere ten years later and you can get them in sticker form with a piece of bubblegum keeping 'em company!

These were massively inspired by the Topp's Weird Wheels series of stickers we used to fight over as kids. George Barris and Ed Roth's show cars, the art of Robert Williams, Ed Newton and Norm Saunders were also biiiiig reference points for these.

If you are also having trouble growing up or just have a lunchbox that is worryingly un-stickered hit up Raddleys™ to get a set at:

Christian pearce kosmik kustoms1
Christian pearce kosmik kustoms2
Christian pearce kosmik kustoms3
Christian pearce kosmik kustoms4
Christian pearce kosmik kustoms5
Christian pearce komikboxinspacefin