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Some of my concept art for Neill Blomkamp's Chappie (2015)
A really enjoyable film to work on, Neill always has the funnest design briefs. An ED209-ish flying bipedal war-monster and a chain-wearing infant gangster robot?! Come on! I'd be drawing that stuff anyway!
Watching the physical props being built - and then getting to play with them! - here at Weta was one of the raddest things ever. There's a short video at the bottom that shows a bit of that work.
As always, film design is a collaborative process and this stuff was created by building on the work of Greg Broadmore, Doug Williams, Leri Greer and others. But really it's all Neill Blomkamp's vision.

Christian pearce chappie final2 pearce

Final design of Chappie pre and post Gang Lyfe. All dem little stickers are by the powerhouse known as Leri Greer

Christian pearce chappie headvariations pearce

Some of the very early head concepts from 2011. These were done over a sketch by your favourite Greg Broadmore!

Christian pearce chappie head1 pearce

Resolving the head a bit more...

Christian pearce chappie colours pearce

Early colour passes

Christian pearce chappie damage states pearce
Christian pearce chappie bits pearce

Fairly late in the process, after Image Engine had begun modelling him. I started using their fantastic work as the basis for the little attachments and other bits

Christian pearce chp cpu mi pearce

Some bits that do things

Christian pearce chappie shields pearce
Christian pearce chappie shield optics pearce

SpecOps attachments

Christian pearce chappie neurohelm pearce

Pilot interface hardware for the MOOSE

Christian pearce chappie moose2 pearce

MOOSE concept based on a design by Neill Blomkamp himself! Seriously, that guy can do anything.

Christian pearce chappie moose3 pearce

MOOSE details and damage state

Christian pearce weta moose

The MOOSE full size prop built here at Weta Workshop. Pretty much the best thing ever!

Christian pearce chappie rolandi pearce

Robo-Yolandi sketches

Christian pearce chappie emp weapon pearce

EMP weapon initial sketches

Christian pearce chappie emp weapon2 pearce

EMP weapon final design and as waved about by Hugh Jackman

Christian pearce chappie rory pearce

Deon's little robo-pal Rory. Built as a working prop here at Weta Workshop

Christian pearce chappie dexter pearce

Deon's little robo-pal Dexter. Built as a working prop here at Weta Workshop

Christian pearce chappie scenes pearce

Rough photobashed storyboard images

Behind the Scenes at Weta Workshop: CHAPPiE (2015)