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Thunderbirds Are Go - part 1

I always loved the Thunderbirds as a youngster so designing the new series was a super fun challenge for me. Working on Thunderbirds Are Go was a really fun couple of years, really rewarding stuff especially seeing the miniatures come to life.
I created these designs at Weta Workshop working with Pukeko Pictures and ITV, starting in late 2012
This post just has a few selects of concepts for the Thunderbirds themselves, I'll have another post of other vehicles and props up soon!

Christian pearce tb tbird1 flight pearce

Starting with TB1 seemed to make sense. This was the first piece I did of it and a lot of it actually carried through to the final design

Christian pearce tb1 linesxxx2 pearce
Christian pearce tb1pencilsshaded pearce
Christian pearce tb1 open2 pearce
Christian pearce tb1 cockpitonemillion pearce

An early, more high tech cockpit concept

Christian pearce 095 tb cockpitfwdview pearce
Christian pearce tb1 cockpitx cp
Christian pearce 028 tb1cockpitseat pearce

Pilot's position referencing the original fantastic design

Christian pearce tb1 seatrotation pearce
Christian pearce tb1

....and here's how she looks in the show

Christian pearce tb2a pearce

TB2! A classic design! Again, didn't want to mess with it too much, just brought in some details from modern heavy lifting aircraft.

Christian pearce tb2x pearce
Christian pearce tb2 cockpitxxx1 pearce
Christian pearce tb2 belowopen pearce
Christian pearce tb2 innerguts2 pearce

Pod interior

Christian pearce tb2

Here she is as seen in the show

Christian pearce tb3 lineup pearce

Just a few of the different options for TB3, I think there were more than 80 in total.

Christian pearce tb3 roboarm pearce
Christian pearce tb3 interiorxxx pearce
Christian pearce tb3 podinterior pearce
Christian pearce tb3

TB3 as seen in the show

Christian pearce tb4 early pearce

TB4: the fan-enraging version. With all of these designs I wanted to incorporate elements of current day, real world vehicles that perform similar tasks. These concepts were based on shapes seen in currently operating deep sea submersibles .

Christian pearce tb4under2 pearce

What we ended up going with. Much closer to the original but a sleeker look and a lot of new functionality.

Christian pearce tb4 cutaway pearce

Any excuse to do a cutaway drawing!

Christian pearce tb4 roboarmz4 pearce
Christian pearce tb4 rearxxx pearce
Christian pearce tb4

TB4 as seen in the show

Christian pearce tb5s pearce

TB5 changed the most from the original design, as requested by the director. It always bothered me that they seemed to have artificial gravity in the original TB5, with occupants walking around like it was a house on earth.

Christian pearce tb5 sphere
Christian pearce b5sleepingquarters2 pearce

I wanted to at least have an attempt at basic physics concessions, with a rotating torus generating internal gravity. This one is far too small to really generate anything near 1G but hey, at least we tried!

Christian pearce tb5

The new TB5 as seen in the show