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GKR Sweety and Salty

Designs for the GKR Heavy Hitters boardgame expansion pack - Sweety & Salty!
Suuuuper fun working on this stuff at Weta Workshop with the amazing team here taking it right through to final painted prototypes.
I did the Ultrasweet faction and the smartguy Leri Greer designed the Super Salty team
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Christian pearce gkr pinksquadup fin cpsmall2
Christian pearce gkr twinstack gemini small pearce

The first pencil sketch of what would become Ultrasweet. I thought I was pretty much done but I ended up noodling the heck out of it for aaaages

Christian pearce gkr ultrasweets pearce

A few of the design variations it went through

Christian pearce gkr ultrasweetsupports pearce

Ultrasweet support units. Badly modeled in Sketchup and then scribbled over in photoshop.

Christian pearce gkr sweetbreakdown pearce
Christian pearce gkr saltysidepicdone3pearce

Part of the box illustration - Super Salty was designed and modeled by Leri Greer

Christian pearce gkr ultraswt stickers
Christian pearce gkr cereal 36

Initial packaging mockups

Christian pearce weta box image

How they turned out!

Christian pearce gkr ultrasweetcardsketchessmall

Rough sketches to plan out a few of the gameplay cards

Christian pearce us card sketches